Corporate, Documentary, eLearning Demo

Smooth, refined, warm, neutral British English tones available for your corporate / eLearning / documentary project!

Nonfiction Narration (Political) -- Plato's Republic

Some of this ancient / classical text still hold up in modern, 21st century liberal democracies. Not all of it -- but it must be respected as a foundational work of western culture.

Nonfiction Narration (Historical) - Edge Hill

I present this narration in-character as a historical figure.

Nonfiction Narration (Science) - Einstein's Theory of Relativity

A complex theory explained using relatively (ha!) simple words.

Fiction Narration (Brooding) -- The Wizard of Oz

This narration features a grey landscape and a slightly brooding tone to match.

Fiction Narration (Whimsical) -- Peter Pan

Slightly whimsical, tongue in cheek scene from Peter Pan.

Fiction Narration (Sophisticated) -- Sherlock Holmes

This is a scene from Sherlock Holmes, featuring several characters -- male, female, upper and working class -- and some narration.

Character Demo

Dr Frankenstein, a broken warrior, an anchorman, and a befuddled scientist. | 07774326099