Fiction Narration (First Person) -- Fool's Assassin

A first-person narration section from the excellent book I'm currently reading, part one of the Farseer Trilogy, which includes some dialogue between an older man and his young daughter.

Corporate, Documentary, eLearning Demo

Smooth, refined, warm, neutral British English tones available for your corporate / eLearning / documentary project!

Nonfiction Narration (Political) -- Plato's Republic

Some of this ancient / classical text still hold up in modern, 21st century liberal democracies. Not all of it -- but it must be respected as a foundational work of western culture.

Nonfiction Narration (Historical) - Edge Hill

I present this narration in-character as a historical figure.

Nonfiction Narration (Science) - Einstein's Theory of Relativity

A complex theory explained using relatively (ha!) simple words.

Fiction Narration (Brooding) -- The Wizard of Oz

This narration features a grey landscape and a slightly brooding tone to match.

Fiction Narration (Whimsical) -- Peter Pan

Slightly whimsical, tongue in cheek scene from Peter Pan.

Fiction Narration (Sophisticated) -- Sherlock Holmes

This is a scene from Sherlock Holmes, featuring several characters -- male, female, upper and working class -- and some narration.

Character Demo

A spectrum of characters -- including a warrior, hero under duress, a minion, a villain, a thief, a scottish bookie, a swindler, the old minister being swindled, and Dr Frankenstein, | 07774326099